Monday, September 7, 2009


My dad finally let me buy a cat! haha.
I bought a Himalayan breed. She's only two weeks old. I LOVE HER! :D She's the most adorable thing ever.
The other day when I was out shopping, I came back after quite some time and just as I was climbing the stairs upstairs she saw and ran towards me. It was so cute.
She's very fat, though. xD She can't hold her own weight. So she spreads her feet out and then lets her stomach rest on the floor. lol. She's not really that fat, just very hairy. So that makes her heavy. She looks like a sheep (xD) So my mum named her Fluffy (Yes, we did consider the possibility "Cotton Ball"). haha
I wanted to name her "mocha" or "taco". =_= Too bad that didn't work out. :( :P

I took some pictures. :D

yeah, she's not a fan of taking pictures. She sleeps like an insane human! xD And i know, her being a cat and sleeping like a human is the most craziest thing ever! hahaha.
Maybe i'll take a picture of her sleeping sometime.

She's sick right now. :( She has a fever, 103 F D:
And she has cold, and an eye infection. :S She's not eating and the vet put her on antibiotics.
Hmmm, i hope she gets better. :(

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