Tuesday, July 7, 2009


MJ's memorial service was truly one of the most painful memory I'll have for this decade.
It was sad, and yes, I did cry...5 times. :P
It was really touching how once he was up on that very stage performing himself, walking with his own legs when right now we had to see him being dragged by other people, lifeless. That was truly something I will never forget watching.

So anyways, right now I'm both very sad and very angry. Ugh, some people just drive me insane by their talks. It's very pissing off.
People should not be so self-obsessed. Or such 'wanna be bitches'. GROW UP!
I mean the people you'd least expect turn out to be the biggest mistakes of your life! But I think I'm ready to forgive and move on, now if only that apology arrives xD
I mean she still has not said "Sorry" because she STILL thinks we're wrong. What the hell?? I have no pleasure in back biting or lying to people. I hate those sort of people...specially the ones who try to grab ALL the attention and try to cover up and proving them self innocent by lying some more.
Amal, you have GOT to grow up.
Just admit you lied...it's not like lying some more to prove you're right would make me talk to you again. Both ways...I'M NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN! I would forgive you...obviously, but never talk again, I try not to talk to people with no self-respect.

Anyways...I think I'm joining anger management....my mum wants me to.

Also, sabeen, THANK YOU...AGAIN! :D LAAAVE YOU!! :D *mwah* :P

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