Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movies Watched...

I watched two new movies in the past week. I tried to watch more but then I was at my Grans' and it would seem rude to sit and watch a movie then. Anyways,


It was good, intresting but the ending, sort of irrelavant to the whole idea of the movie.
I mean aliens? They just don't mix well with the whole "mature" and "professional" theme of the movie. Otherwise I loved it. :D


Lol, amazing movie. It was so cool. :P Madea was awesome! I could so relate to her through out the movie, I mean I'd possibly do the exact same thing if somebody took my parking spot! Duh.

This movie also reminded me of what my teacher once told me in the 7 th grade.

We were having this sort of game of what the teacher thinks of us all and she said that "I will be a definat leader but will go to jail ATLEAST once in my lifetime (xD) for 'anger managment reasons' and my habit of getting into trouble one way or the other" lol.

I also REALLY enjoyed the Dr.Phill part of the movie. XD IT WAS SO HILARIOUS.
I'm currently listening to Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N' Roses.

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