Friday, June 26, 2009

Charles Starkweather (1938 - 1959)

25th June 1958, Charles Starkweather, a murderer of 11, was executed in the electirc chair. And although I'm not supposse to but I really liked this guy.He never meant any of those kills, the man had an IQ above average but it was just the wrong treatment he got through out his childhood which lead to all the desperate measures he took.I think there are pretty wrong rumours out there about him, like the fact that he killed those two teenagers, Jensen and Corl King, because he wanted their car. He only did that because the were the same typical sort of people who destroyed him whole childhood. Although killing them in my opinion wasn't really OBVIOUSLY the right thing to do. But whatever...he was a psychopath. Still, when he was caught, and the time he spent in jail, he changed. All through out his "fugative" life he wrote letters and notes to loved ones and himself.He kept on writing until the day he was killed.One of the jail gaurds, in the book, "Killers" by Nigel Cawthorne, even said "If only some one paied attention to Charlie, maybe it wouldn't have ended this way for him".I think he could have changed. He was gifted, with an amazing brain, and it was just the stupid fucked up people around him the runied him mentally. I wish he could have gotten his justice.
Weird, yet good thing about him was when his lawyer had the plan to tell the judge that Charles was mentally ill and instead of being executed he should be sent to a mental Institute. Charlie disagreed to that statement in court out loud and said that he was perfectly sane.That was the moment he destroyed any chance of his survival.But he, in my opinion, did good. It's better to die than to live your whole life as a lie.
R.I.P Charles Starkweather(although I know you're burning in hell horribly right now...or maybe you're not. Who knows, that's all up to God)

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