Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quick Update...

Just gave my math exam today.
English tomorrow!

Right... for some reason I'm having a crap of a day, I don't feel like myself.
Everything's annoying me now.
I mean my friends are acting normal, just like the way they always are but I'm just getting annoyed by everyone. I guess I just can't wait to go to all those places for my vication this time. Just wanna get away from all of them and my family. I going to dissapear one day there...just one day. lol. Then i'll come back. Just need some time alone with me.

Also, for some SADLY absured reason I miss Kurt Cobain ALOT today. I just wish he was alive, not that even if he was I'd be able to meet him but atleast knowing that he is, somewhere would be enough. And the most dissapointing part is that no matter what I'll do, he's gone. I or no one can change that.
I mean seriously?! It's been more than 14 years since his death now...I still can't beileve it. He died a year before I was any chance of me EVER meeting him were just destroyed from the moment I was born!
Maybe I'll meet him in hell...who knows? j/k

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