Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ah, I can finally taste that "freedom air". Lol
Exams are finally over man, I feel blessed, haha. Though paper review on Friday T_T
I just came back from my friends place who's place I went to right from school. My two other friends came with us. Then ALL the rest of the friends came to her place and we went to a new Cafe. Really cool place, think I'll go there sometime.
Then we went to Pizza Hut and then we went back to my friends place.
Oh and we also watched a movie. But not all of it...duh, we're all too stupid to shut up for 2 WHOLE hours to watch a movie. :P
I JUST came back home, it's 10pm right now and the first thing I did was update my Facebook, Myspace, twitter, Sodahead and Messenger status. And update my website too, ofcourse. ;P
Planning to come online verday now. Haha...currently I'm listening to good music. haha, or the "devils" music as many people say.
Enjoying Marilyn Manson -Lest We forget

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