Friday, March 6, 2009

FINALLY, an update!

Yes, it's been long. I missed you webi. :( Lol. Anyways, the weekend is FINALLY here and I plan to do "something" in it. Unlike always I will try to spend my life time with work now. Haha.
But before I do, i must say, I AM DEVASTATED! Von didn't make it through to the top 12! WTF!?! He rocked, waaay better than "Megan". She sucks. STUPID! T_T
Well now, things I'm going to do, starting now.

First, I am going to finish the sandwich that is in front of me at the moment, while changing the layout of this website.

2) Going to check my e-mail.

3) Watch "Milk".

4) Go to bed! :D

5) Do my homework

6) Go to Summaya's place

7) Shopping! Gotta get a plain white t-shirt for sports day

8) Go for a swim

9) Call my Homie! :D You know who you are. ;P

10) Day Dream about a LP concert.

11) Go to bed! :D

12) Well...nothing.

So yup....that's my weekend. Man, i really gotta find more things to do with my life! :P

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