Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet Another Note For Mehreen

Okay...see basically the only reason I'm typing a second note for you is that obviously you didn't get it the first time due to idiocricy (is that word?!?!). Now let me repeat myself...who are the 6 ONLY people on the face of this earth to whom I'd write that to? hm? Is that so hard of a question Mehreen? The 6 ONLY people of who I talk about 24/7! The 6 ONLY people who I listen to and friggin day dream about!?! And the two ONLY people from those 6 people who are most dearest to being more dearest...DUH!, but i'm talking about the second dude. Now was that clear enough for you that I don't have to type yet another note?!?!
(reply in the saybox and this time...please use more words to express your anger over me! :P)

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