Friday, January 23, 2009


My aunt just had another baby girl yesterday (22nd January 2009). :D That means D.A's got a new cousin! We haven't decided the name as yet, but we're thinking. ^_^ I'm thinking "Anaya" will be a good name, or "Romaisa". They're both pretty names.Okay, back to the baby, she's just adorable, you can eat her up. lol. She didn't really open up her eyes that well to see everybody but she did look at me. I gave her the "Ghuti". It's this tradition (not real, but we still do it :P), where the first person to give the baby a taste of honey by their own finger gives the baby their personality. Hehe, that means the baby's going to posses my personality. Haha, I gave the "Ghuti" to by other cousin aswell. SHE'S A DEVIOUS LITTLE CHILD...means the story's is true. ;P
I'm going to upload pictures of her later, I have to go watch "Heroes" now! :D

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